Off The Radar Compilation Vol.1

Really we just wanted to organise a festival. To simply put on a party with heaps of friends and acquaintances and companions from the old days and the new. We got the bookings made invited some pros to join in and shipped a whole lot of equipment over in a 40foot container from Hamburg to Auckland to eventually land in the middle of a beautiful forest. The first OFF THE RADAR festival took place from the 31st of January till the 2nd of February 2014 in the middle of nowhere an hour and a half north of Auckland. We kept it nice and old school with generatorsupplied power multiple weeks of crew camping and next to no budget with industry sponsorship being ruled out from the very beginning. It was a lot of work but then something happened. It all came together! And the end result A bunch of awesome artists and crew an amazing audience and an empty treasury! But the feedback was so overwhelming that we got the call to do it again. So here we are doing it again! Various artists from the first and second editions of OFF THE RADAR have each produced a song especially for the festival to help keep the project alive. From these tracks we have created with the assistance of the online distribution of digital music an OFF THE RADAR compilation.

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Off The Radar Compilation Vol.1

Off The Radar Compilation Vol.2

We have the right passports and so considerably less worries than others. We dont need to risk our lives and limbs we are free to live and breathe at all times. We can devote ourselves to whatever we like without living in constant fear and can occupy ourselves however we wish like with music for example. And that is what we are doing here with this promo text for a recording the 2nd edition of the OFF THE RADAR compilation. So who are we and what is actually behind this because we are not what you would call a “real” record label. Off The Radar is a new initiative of Hamburgbased cultural creatives and artists who together have the intent to take advantage of the networks and visibility provided through the music and party scene so as to publicise humanitarian aid projects and support these projects financially and in whichever other ways we can. The initiative came about through the operators / bookers of the Hamburg music clubs Hafenklang and Uebel & Gefahrlich Audiolith Rec the organisers of the Off The Radar Festival and various individual artists who are involved in the Hamburg subculture. Off The Radar is alongside others curating the TubeBox a hangar at the annual Fusion Festival. Over the years at the festival the TubeBox has musically and visually developed a contrast to other stages. Here there is no House world music folk and reggae. Rather what is found are dimensions of underground hip hop noise rock metal punk drumn bass electronica and experimental. We know that’s a pretty wide spectrum right there. Even so the feedback often confirms to us that there is a central theme running like a golden thread though the booked acts; brothers in mind or something like that. Maybe it’s the little eccentricities perhaps the same kind of musical socialisation / politicisation… we are not exactly sure ourselves but it has worked for years and the result speaks for itself! But lets get back to the compilation. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fusion festival we asked the booked artists to provide a track for the soundtrack to the festival. Fuck Art Lets Dance Waving The Guns Der Tante Renate ft. Steinborn and Kobito & Sokee of the Audiolith label are represented as well as the Springstoff artists JJennifer Gegenlaufer and Drill Drill. From the Fake Four label is the boss himself Ceschi and Bleubird theres the freshest German punk band Pisse’ MC Bandog from Killa Instinct and much more from artists youve possibly never heard of. But it is well known its never too late for something new! It is important to us to utilise the possibilities the easiness and lightheartedness with which we usually live in a more meaningful way than we do day to day. Music is our engine music transcends borders! This compilation is a part of our attempt to overcome boundaries in communication and through the acquisition of this quality sampler you will be contributing to our efforts.

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No Border Kitchen

Off The Radar Compilation Vol. 2

Off The Radar Compilation Vol. 3

Yeah, we know: Few will be familiar with the acts we’re putting on at the festival. It’s been like that at our festivals in New Zealand and at the Tubebox stage at Fusion festival. Off The Radar sits musically at the very edge of a wide variety of genres. We’ve been told though that there is a red thread that runs through the artists that we book. It’s a bit of a family of like minds. Perhaps it’s the slight eccentricity, maybe a similar musical/social/political consciousness… We don’t really know ourselves but it’s been working for years and the results speak for themselves. To support all of our activities, we started to immortalise our acts on a digital compilation album a couple of year ago.

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Off The Radar Compilation Vol.3